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Bourquin Décolletage

Bar turning

Thanks to our conventional and CNC lathes, we can realize very high precision machining, from small to very high series, by respecting quality standards from the most demanding specifications.

Bar turning operations are realized on conventional single and multi-spindle lathes and on CNC machines from 2 to 3 axes. We produce from small to high series. We answer to requirements of precision: hundredth of millimetre.

Dimensional capacities :

  • From 6 to 70 mm in automatic and up to 200 mm in part to part
  • From 10 to 70 mm in automatic bar feeders
  • Up to 240 mm part to part

  • Up to several million of parts per serie and per year
  • Teams working in 2x8 and/or 3x8 (from 5000 to 7500 hours / month)
  • Complex machining realized on two-spindle/two turrets lathes with Y axe.
  • Production process in continuous improvment

  • Stainless steel
  • Machining steel, special steel
  • Non-ferrous metal such as Copper, Brass, Bronze or Aluminium
  • Plastics (PVC, PEEK, POM…)
  • equipment :

  • 8 conventional multi-spindle lathes up to 70 mm
  • 2 conventional single-spindle lathes up to 20 mm
  • 8 CNC lathes with bar feeders up to 70mm and maximum Ø 200

  • Defence, building, transport, medical, connectors, hydraulic, watchmaking, food industry, aerospace…

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    • 10 CNC machines with bar feeders or robots
    • 2 single-spindle lathes
    • 8 multi-spindle lathes
    • 6 recovery CNC machining centers
    • 4 recovery lathes